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Survival Kit EDCX , Army Green

Survival Kit EDCX
Survival Kit EDCX
Survival Kit EDCX
Survival Kit EDCX
Survival Kit EDCX , Army Green
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◼️ Survival Kit is an easy way to tackle tough challenges.

◼️ In 5 minutes you will saw the branches, prepare the firewood and make fire.


◼️ The set consists of a lanyard with a wick, a bracelet with a flint and a kevlar saw.

       How to cut wood and light a fire without tools and matches?

       An easy way is to do it with the Survival Kit.

       With its help, fire is produced even in the rain.

       What is it ?

       These are 3 multifunctional tools:

       ◼️ Kevlar saw

       ◼️ Survival bracelet

       ◼️ Lanyard with a quick-burning wick

      The bracelet is made of paracord 550 (type III), which does not rot, does not fade, is moisture resistant and can withstand 250 kg of breaking.

       If you want to keep yourself safe in the wild, a 3m emergency supply of rope in a bracelet is a preparation that will save your life.

       As a fastener - a multifunctional fastex with a whistle, flint and compass.

      The "Lizzard" lanyard is made of a special cord - Flame Cord. Thanks to the special weaving, it can be easily and quickly unraveled.

      Flame Cord is a cord with an innovative wick at its core. It is moisture resistant and highly flammable.

Click on the images above ☝️ or click on the link for detailed information on the lanyard. 

      For more information on the Kevlar saw, follow the link.

      1. Prepare firewood

      Saw the wood with a Kevlar saw, making repeated movements at the same speed. And tie the received firewood with the same Kevlar cord.

      2. Untwist the bottom of the keychain

      Specialist. weaving allows you to do this quickly and accurately.

      Next, fix and cut the resulting ends, which will allow the keychain to return to its original appearance.

      3. Prepare for ignition

      Remove the innovative wick from the braid, fluff it up and assemble in a compact pile. Prepare brushwood.

      4. Remove the protective layer

      Before using the fire, remove the protective cover with a scraper.

      5. Strike a spark

      Place the scraper on the flint at an acute angle and, applying force, with a sharp movement away from you, strike a spark.

      6. Fire !!!

      These 5 steps are the key to getting fire quickly and easily, even in a damp forest.

      Grab survival kit and go in search of adventure! 


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