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Fire-starting tool "Flaming Lizzard", Black

Fire-starting tool
Fire-starting tool
Fire-starting tool
Fire-starting tool
Fire-starting tool "Flaming Lizzard", Black
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Lanyard - flame cord with a wick 

Bracelet - 3m paracord 550 with a flint, compass, whistle, firestarter and scrapper


      Flaming Lizzard is a kit that consists of 2 wares: bracelet and lanyard. 

      Both will be handy for starting a fire in an extreme situation. And also:

      ☑️ navigate the terrain
      ☑️ make a distress signal
      ☑️ lighten your backpack by freeing from standard tools and more
      ☑️ diversify the toolbox with innovative equipment

    ☑️ Bracelet is made of paracord 550, which does not rot, does not fade, is moisture-resistant, and 250 kg to break
    ☑️ Lanyard "Lizzard" is made of a special cord - Flame Cord. It can be easily and quickly unraveled.


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