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Showbox EDCX

Showbox EDCX, Black
Showbox EDCX, Black
Showbox EDCX, Black
Showbox EDCX
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45 €
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42 €
Price 3
39 €

Correct design and optimal placement of show boxes help to increase the profit of a retail outlet by 40%.


Get even closer to the consumer with show box EDCX 

Correct design and optimal placement of show boxes helps to significantly increase the profit of the outlet.

It is not for nothing that they are called “dumb” sellers because of the high advertising effect and direct impact on the target audience.


     At any stage of interaction with show boxing, it brings everyone its own advantages.


Show box is a branded box made of micro corrugated cardboard, which, when opened, turns into an advertising display, due to the fact that the box lid unfolds and forms a topper that rises above the advertised product.


 The bright design of show boxes EDCX attracts the attention of buyers, arouses interest and encourages them to purchase goods.

The show box contains 10 skeins of nylon paracord 550 (type III).

✔ Ultrastrong Paracord type III 550

✔ 10 skeins of 30 m each

You can choose any color from our assortment (there are more than 250 colors) or use the recommended options.


You can see all colors at the link 

The paracord is used when needed: to put a splint on a dislocated limb, fasten equipment or weight, make a bracelet / lanyard / keychain.

Our products are sold in the following areas:

✔ Shops with goods for survival, outdoor activities, military

✔ Tourist shops

✔ Military store

✔ Handmade shops


Order right now and make money on sales of show boxes thanks to our favorable conditions:

 low prices without overpayments and hidden fees;

 we undertake customs duties

 warranty obligations;

 competent consultation;

 convenient payment methods: LiqPay, Visa or MasterCard, Western Union, Invoice, PayPal


8 out of 10 clients come to us again.








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Showbox EDCX