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Shock cord Reflective (3,6 mm), Violet #shr027-3.6

Violet #shr027-3.6
Violet #shr027-3.6
Shock cord Reflective (3,6 mm), Violet #shr027-3.6
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1 meter weight

Breaking force

Percent of tension

Core structure, material

Cover structure, material

3,6 mm

9 g

about 330lbs (170 kg)


40 latex threads

16 nylon threads


Bungee cord (shock cord) - is a high tech cord that is elastic, flexible and durable at the same time. Thanks to the latex core, bungee cord can stretch up to 80-100% and its nylon sheath perfectly protects the cord from the external environmental effects, UV light and moisture.

With more than 4-year experience in the field, our company specializes in manufacturing of paracord and all kinds of cords for active sports, military and light industry spheres.

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