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Super reflective paracord 50/50 , Light red Wave #324

light red wave
light red wave
light red wave
Super reflective paracord 50/50 , Light red Wave #324
0.55 €/m
Vendor code: 2606
Price 1
0.51 €/m
Price 2
0.47 €/m
Price 3
0.41 €/m


Weight 1 meter:


Breaking Force:       


4.4 mm

6.6 g

High Quality Nylon and Reflective Yarns

220 kg

Rope Sleeve is 16 nylon and 16 reflective stands

Roll: 10m, 20m, 30m.
Spool: 50m, 100m.


Remember your fun outdoor recreation, spending the night in tents, heart-to-heart gatherings with friends in front of the fire. But searching for things, your camp in the dark, can spoil the lantern and horrify memories.

With the super-reflective EDCX paracord you will no longer face the pain of every outdoor enthusiast.

In its composition, half of the threads are reflective, which helps to glow in the dark 5 times brighter than a regular reflective paracord.

And half of the threads are nylon, due to which the breaking load of the paracord is 200 kg.

Paracord 550 — stands out from others for its breaking load (250 kg) and lightness.

Reflective paracord — differs from 550 paracord only in that it uses 29 nylon threads and 3 reflective threads in its braid, which gives it additional properties.




With more than 4-year experience in the field, our company specializes in manufacturing of paracord and all kinds of cords for active sports, military and light industry spheres.

Pick a super reflective paracord now and get ready to change your outdoor activity forever.

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