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Paracord reflective, sofit pink #r3315

sofit pink #r3315
Paracord reflective, sofit pink #r3315
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Weight 1 meter:


Breaking Force:


4 mm

6.6 g

High Quality Nylon and Reflective Yarns

550 lbs (250 kg)

Rope Sleeve is 29 nylon and 3 reflective stands
Core contains 7 core threads

Paracord is a multifunctional rope that was initially used by American paratroopers as a suspension line. Nowadays, paracord has even more uses options: military and touristic fields, manufacturing of equipment, clothes and shoes, daily life and handmade.

Its main feature is light weight and durability: up to 250kg on the load! The main reflective cord feature that makes it special is its 19 inner nylon and 3 outer reflective treads.Special advantage: thanks to the reflective threads you can easily find your camp, boat other “marked” things in darkness.


With more than 4-year experience in the field, our company specializes in manufacturing of paracord and all kinds of cords for active sports, military and light industry spheres.

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