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Ukrainian army needs your help!

We are proud of our country and our Ukrainians.💪 A lot of civilians went to the territorial defense of Ukraine. 🙏 But for the effective protection of our hometown of Kharkov we need accoutrements for fighters, which is currently lacking in Ukraine! If you have the opportunity and desire to support the Kharkiv and all Ukraine, you can👇
How can you help:

1⃣. Select something from the list and buy from a store in your country.
2⃣. Write in private messages what you are sending. We wont forget any of you!🤝❤
3⃣. Send products to the address
Borysenko Dmytro
+48 517 135 374
ul. Przemysłowa 6,  
Nowy Krępiec
code 21-007,

⚡Current needs now:

✅ Armor with plates

✅ Plates (front and rear)

✅ Thermal underwear

✅ Knee pads

✅ Ballistic glasses

✅ Backpacks under RPG

✅ Binoculars

✅ Helmets

✅ Results under the PKK

✅ Results of the utility

✅ Flashlights and batteries for them

✅ Belts on pants

✅ Knives

✅ Fleeces

Also there is not enough material in Ukraine for tailoring body armor:

✅ Fastex 25mm 40mm

✅ Sling 25mm 40mm

✅ Or the Oxford 600

✅ Need cordura 500D or 1000D

✅ Cord elastic band 5-8 mm that will be Velcro 25 mm 40 mm hard and soft

We will collect all these things in the coming days and send it to Kharkov, Ukraine

🇺🇦 Attention!
Share this Email among your friends and acquaintances! 🙏 This will help Ukraine defeat the enemy! You can save a lot of Ukrainian people!💪

Date of publication: 01.03.2022