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One of the ways to increase the average check!

   Tactical lanyard or Safety spiral lanyard is one of the most popular paracord products.

   It is used by law enforcement officers to hold and store weapons. But recently it has gained popularity in everyday life for storing knives, flashlights, keys, etc. against loss.

   We have 4 types of tactical lanyards in the three most popular colors.

 models of tactical lanyards

 tactical lanyards 1 tactical lanyards 2 tactical lanyards 3 tactical lanyards 4

   Thanks to the fact that we make tactical lanyards ourselves, you have the opportunity to order an individual order of tactical lanyards in any color from our paracord palette (single-colored, multi-colored, and even reflective) or any length. For conditions, please get in touch with our managers.

   Examples of individual orders:

 tactical lanyards individual orders

 tactical lanyards colors

Examples of using:   

 tactical lanyards example of using

Tactical lanyards sells great in checkout areas as well as additional sales on the website, which increases the average check of the business👌😎

 For more info contact our managers at 

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Date of publication: 24.06.2024