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Anticrisis spring sale! Discount 50% Paracord 550

We are glad to inform you regarding our Anticrisis spring sale!

Only this spring you can get:
some multicoloured 550 cord for as low as 0.06€/m
fashion and dirty series paracord for as low as 0.07 €/m

How to take advantage of it:

1) Pick the colors you like on our web site
2) Place an order and wait until the manager contacts you


1) Select the colors you like by checking the excel file attached
2) Contact the manager at and let him know youd like to place an order

Minimum order quantity: 500m (you can pick as many colors as you like)

The number of colors and their quantity are limited. LINK


The closest shipping dates: May 21th.
Be sure to place one before the foregoing dates to get your order delivered in the shortest time possible.




These prices apply only to the discounted colors of paracord.
Other colors are available for a purchase as well, however, they come with no discount.


We look forward to receiving your orders!

In case you have any questions regarding payment be sure to visit the following link to check all available payment options we accept: FAQ

Date of publication: 26.03.2020