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Showbox EDCX

Correct design and optimal placement of show boxes help to increase the profit of a retail outlet by 30%.

Due to the high advertising effect and direct impact on the target audience, they are called "dumb" sellers.

What is it ?

Show box is a branded box made of micro corrugated cardboard.

When opened, it turns into an advertising display, due to the fact that the box lid unfolds and forms a topper that rises above the advertised product.

The topper contains information about the product, all its advantages, which is decorated in the style of the brand.

Show box - 10 skeins of 550 nylon Paracord 550 (type III).

10 skeins of 30 m each.

You can choose any color from our range (there are more than 250 colors) or use the recommended options.

The paracord is used when needed: to put a splint on a dislocated limb, fasten equipment or weight, make a bracelet / lanyard / keychain.

Our products are sold in the following areas:

✔ Shops with goods for survival, outdoor activities, military

✔ Tourist shops

✔ Military store

✔ Handmade shops


Order right now and make money on sales of show boxes thanks to our favorable conditions:

✔ low prices without overpayments and hidden fees;

✔ we undertake customs duties

✔ warranty obligations;

✔ competent consultation;

✔ convenient payment methods: LiqPay, Visa or MasterCard, Western Union, Invoice, PayPal


8 out of 10 clients come to us again.

Date of publication: 15.10.2020