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NEW! Reflective Paracord

NEW! Reflective Paracord 

Our production doesn’t  stand still, we are constantly developing and expanding the range. More recently, we have created a production technology of parachute cord with reflective thread. Paracord becomes  more  functional  and useful.

The main advantages of the reflective paracord and articles there of:

- Traffic safety for pedestrians and cyclists at night. When exposed to light from the headlights of vehicles  accessories of this paracord will make you more visible on the road.

- Enhanced functionality for tourism. Reflective paracord can be used during the installation of the tent - ropes strung night are clearly  visible, which excludes falling through them. It is convenient to use as a marker of small items - enough to shine a flashlight in the direction in which you intend to lay the necessary thing, such as a knife, and he illuminates.

- The safety of your pets. Collars and leashes of reflective paracord - is not only a stylish accessory but also the safety of the yours  animals.

This list could go on for a long time, it all depends on the scope of your activities, interests and imagination.

Choose the color of reflective paracord can be in the catalog "Reflective paracord"

светоотражающий паракорд

Date of publication: 17.09.2016