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New price and terms of cooperation for orders of Paracord gears!


Hi There!

For your information, due to rising prices for world logistics, raw materials, and other components, we updated our prices for Paracord gears (Bracelets, Lanyards, Keychains). 

Please check this out!


Our New terms for the order of paracord gears
(please read all the information to the end) :


To get the price category "price 1, 2, 3" you need to make a one-time order of a certain amount in order to fix the price from this category for a year:


  • For «price 1» - need to make an order for 350 euros, or amount of orders per year will be at least 1.200 euros
  • For «price 2» - need to make an order for 1100 euros, or amount of orders per year will be at least 3.000 euros
  • For «price 3» - need to make an order for 4300 euros, or amount of orders per year will be at least 10.000 euros


•  After a year has elapsed from the date of receipt of price fixing, there will be an audit of orders made during the year, if the sum of all orders is not lower than the threshold value. The price is automatically extended for another year.

• If the price is lower than the threshold value, then in order to extend the fixing you will need to place an order under the conditions above in order to get price fixing «price 1, 2, 3» again for a year. Otherwise, the price will rise one category higher (For example, if it was «price 3», it will become «price 2»).

• If you had a category «price 1» or «price 2» and you want to get a higher category, then you can place an order at any time under the conditions indicated above, the price will be fixed for the next year.

• If you already had a fixed price ("price 1", "price 2" or "price 3") for paracord gears, no need to make a new one-time order. Your discount will be saved but with updated prices.

 terms for paracord gears


Wholesale volumes  (QTY) for Paracord gears (bracelets / lanyards / keychains etc.) without changes:

🔸 1-100 pcs - Retail
🔸 100-499 pcs - Price 1
🔸 500-699 pcs - Price 2
🔸 700 pcs  and above - Price 3


 Discount depend on the volume of your order:

 prices for paracord gears


If you already have a currently saved category of the price (Price 1,2,3), we offer you to make an order next 2 weeks, and we will save your old prices for the next order. Our offer is valid until the 15th of September.

Hurry up, use the opportunity to save your money for the next order!


New price list and terms of cooperation and discounts you can find by the buttons below:

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Date of publication: 07.09.2023