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Green light for orders with EDCX

Wed like to inform you that we will try launch our reserve productiion in Poland this month.

We want to give you a green light for orders and pre-orders.

But we have 3 requirement:
- for now, we will be able to produce only Type III 550, type II 425, type I 275 (minicord) on Polish production, in the future, we will update our opportunities;

- all cord we will be able to ship only in spools 100m and 300m until the end of a war. In the near future we will ge some equipment and rolls 10/20/30m could be possible as well;

- all orders and pre-orders will be in production only after full deposit. We know that you may have doubts about us due to war, but now worry about it. You know us, if something will be wrong we will refund your money back. We can give you sure that all orders will be produced and shipped.

We try to help eachother,  because we know that you have stocks of products which you need to update every time, so we open a new production despite the war, we offer an alternative without waiting for the end of the war.

All prices will be the same as in our price list, all discounts will be useful as usually. Free shipping and all inclusive. Shipping will be from Poland and shipping time will be not 5 days but about 1-2 days.

Thanks for your support and trust. For more news please check our instagram. We post all news here everyday.

Date of publication: 09.03.2022