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Frequently Asked questions

Q: How can I pay for my order?

A: We provide several payment options:

1)      Bank transfer



We have a Polish bank account to which you can transfer money. Our manager will prepare the invoice with the bank details and your order list.


An example of how our invoice looks like:


2)      Payment via LiqPay (via bank card)


Payment via bank card is the easiest and quickest way to pay. Your card information is secure. No extra fee is charged for the use of service.


  • Once your order is approved, our manager will send you a bill at your email. Just click the “pay the invoice” button and fill in your bank card info.




  • When done, click on the “pay” button and you will be charged the amount indicated in the bill automatically.





Q: Can I trust LiqPay? How secure is it? Can I get a refund in case there’s a problem?

A: LiqPay is an electronic wallet that allows you to make and accept payments and transfer money using your mobile phone or a bank card. It’s well protected. No third-party person can access your card data. Full or partial refund is possible.


3)      Payment via PayPal




Your PayPal can be linked to your bank account, debit or credit cards. The financial information is confidential and safe. PayPal additionally charges 4% of the order total when making the payment.

Our PayPal:


Q: How is delivery carried out? 

A:  Our orders are sent on pallets from our production site in Ukraine to our polish warehouse.

Once there, the orders are sent to clients within the EU.

Delivery to Poland takes 2-3 working days. Delivery from Poland to an EU country – 3-4 days.

All in all you can received your order within one working week.


Shipping to the US, Russia other non-EU countries are carried out via local carriers: Meest Express, UkrPost. Approximate delivery time: 7-10 working days.


You can get to know with the details by visiting the following link:


Q: Do I have to pay any custom taxes?

A: We pass the custom clearance ourselves therefore, you don’t have to contact local customs to get your order or pay any additional custom fees when receiving it. Custom clearance is included in your freight.


Q: What packaging is possible?

A:  We provide our cord in rolls and spools


Rolls: 10m, 30m.

Spools: 50m, 100m, 300m.

Custom packaging is possible as well. For more info contact our managers at


Q: How is delivery carried out when there’s quarantine?

A: We continue working properly and stable and produce your orders despite the quarantine.

Nowadays pallets with your orders are sent once in two week. All orders will be delivered without any problem

Date of publication: 10.04.2020