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Holiday discount

The 18th of December will be the last shipment to our Polish-based warehouse with our all orders in this Year. And as usually From Poland, we ship all orders to the counties of clients.

I propose you to check your stock and make the order on this week so that we can produce your order by the 18th of December. Even for small amount.

In celebration of the New Year, we will make you free shipping. You only need to place an order for any volume and wait for the tracking number after the 18th of December.

The second what we can propose to you in celebration of all future holidays is Pre-order for the 2020 year.

If you will make a pre-order before the 20th of December for the 2020 year - you will get a 50% discount for delivery of your pre-order.

Also, you can pay for your per-order after production or before sending it (we will send it when you need and then you can pay for it).

Date of publication: 12.12.2019