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Comparison of New Colors of Nylon Paracord

Meet our new nylon paracord colors!

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 022 color 060 color 055 color 057 color 059 color 061 color

Choosing the right paracord colors for your project can sometimes be very difficult. That is why we decided to help you choose and made a comparison of the new shades of paracord with the shades of our main colors of paracord. 


Let us start with the brown shades of our paracord:

 brown color shades

Compared to color 012 (Coyote brown), our new color 022 (Gold Khaki) is less ginger color, and color 060 (Bronze) has
a slight bronze shade.

Look how good gold khaki (022) and bronze (060) look on pants of military style👇

example brown shadesexample brown shades 1example brown shades 2


Now a comparison of our red shades of paracord colors:

red shades

 Our new color 061 (Cherry) is very similar to 021 (Red), but a more matte shade.

 This color looks very nice in a one-colored paracord, but it also makes a very nice and contrasting multi-colored paracord.


And now the yellow shades of our paracord:

yellow color shades

yellow color shades

Our new color 055 (Neon Bumblebee) compared to color 319 (Sofit yellow) is more neon.


Now about our shades of pink paracord:

pink shades

These colors are difficult to compare because they are not similar to each other. The new color 057 (Barbie) is a very soft pink, very doll-like. And the color 059 (Neon Pitaya) is bright neon pink, very similar to the core of a ripe pink Dragon Fruit.


We hope our comparison helped you decide and choose the ideal shade of paracord for your projects.

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Date of publication: 27.12.2022