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Chinese paracord vs EDCX paracord

Chinese paracord differs significantly from ours for objective reasons.
Chinese look-alike of the well-known Paracord. From the outside, the Chinese paracord looks like the original paracord. It has the same thickness of 4mm and is visually almost identical.

The difference with real nylon paracord becomes more clear in the handle: This cord is a bit flatter, and has a more plastic-like, compared to real nylon paracord. Since recycled materials (recycled polyester) are used here instead of tested branded materials (nylon), the type III tensile strength of 550 pounds cannot be achieved either.

In addition, when manually working with Chinese and our paracord, which we make according to American standards, there are also a number of differences. According to our tests and the words of customers who weave collars and leashes, it was noticed that the Chinese-made paracord melts when heated and starts to burn and drip, while the nylon cord is neatly melted and does not burn. This makes it comfortable to work with.

 Chinese paracord:

chinese paracord


EDCX paracord:

EDCX paracord for comparison

Not always a low price corresponds to the quality of the goods that you will sell. Due to poor quality paracord, you will lose authority over those who are already familiar with paracord and would like to buy from you.
We are located close to you, you will not need to buy huge volumes of goods every time, which will simply stand in the warehouse if there are no sales. If you want to test something or check more, we are always ready to send you samples for this before you make the main purchase of this product.

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Date of publication: 11.08.2023