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Branded packing for products

 Recently, we are often asked: Do you brand your products under the brand of client?

- Yes, we can produce products under your brand!


We can make packages for rolls of paracord, branded spools of paracord, and other types of cords in your style, with your logo and colors of your company.

 branding rools



You can also provide a ready-made file with your packaging design that you will make yourself. 
If you do not have a ready-made packaging design, then this is not a problem. We have a designer who will develop branded packaging for your brand.


Possible options for stickers on rolls for 10m and 30m for all types of cords:
branding rools paracord

Label options on rolls 10 and 30m for any types of cords are possible: 

example branding rools client


Possible branding options for spools of 30m, 50m, 150m and 300m for all types of cords:


An example of what your products might look like:

branded packaging


Examples of product branding for the client👇👇👇

 example branding

 Branded products help in the growth and recognition of your business, as well as increase your income!

If you want to order products under your brand, then write to the mail or WhatsApp, Messenger (+380660179022) for more information.😉

Date of publication: 16.01.2023