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101 way to use paracord. Multifunctional cord.

Everyone knows that paracord is one of the most multifunctional products.But is that so? Where can it be used?

We offer you 101 way to use paracord! 

Paracord can be used as a string for a bow, fishing net or fishing line.

паракорд тетива, паракорд сеть,паракорд леска

You can use it for getting over a river, as a supporting string when climbing or getting down a cliff, to make a ladder.

паракорд в туризме, лестница из паракорда

You can also make a float, harpoon, use it to climb a tree.

копье из паракорда, плот с паракордом, залезть на дерево с веревкой

In emergency situations, it can be used to evacuate injured people, people who fell through the ice. In winter paracord is great for making snowshoes.

снегоступы из паракорда, паракорд тросс

You can use paracord to make a spear or snare. You can also hang a prey on it.

паракорд для охоты, паракорд подвесить добычу, стреножить животное

In tourism, paracord is used for marking a trail, hand-made rucksack or tent.

паракорд для маркировки, рюкзак паракорд, шалаш с паракордом

In daily life, you can use paracord to weave a belt, watch band or use it as shoelaces.

ремень из паракорда, ремешок для часов из паракорда, шнурки из паракорда

Paracord is perfect for strengthening a splint, bandage or using it as a tourniquet.

жгут из паракорда, джут из паракорда

Starting fire the old-fashioned way is easy with paracord. Besides, you can get a device to carry-over luggage, or make a stretcher.

носилки из паракорда, паракорд для огневого лука

Paracord is necessary for sustaining a holster. You can also use it as a cartridge belt or make a slingshot.

патронташ из паракорда, праща из паракорда

Paracord is the right thing for changing a strap in the tent. Shoes made of paracord are unorthodox and stylish. Tying up luggage is also easy with cord.

обувь из паракорда, паракорд и рюкзак

In sailing, paracord will come in handy for raising a flag, strengthening luggage and using an anchor. Besides you can weave a net for your yacht.

паракорд на яхте, паракорд сетка, паракорд для лодки, паракорд для якоря

Paracord is great for making traps, making a hand-made alarm system. Besides you can weave a keepnet which will serve you for a long time.

судок из паракорда, ловушка из паракорда, паракорд в туризме

Wide functionality gives us an ability to manufacture a strap for a camera or glasses. Also, thanks to vivid colors paracord is frequently used in making straps for the underwater lights.

ремешок для фотоаппарата из паракорда, ремешок для очков из паракорда, ремешок для подводного фонаря

Paracord is great for tightening tents, strengthening luggage in a canoe or attaching strings to the pegs.

оттяжки для палатки, паракорд для байдарок

Thanks to high breaking load paracord is great for making a swing in the garden or weaving a hammock. A boat can be tied up with paracord and it will not sail away.

гамак из паракорда, качеля из паракорда

Paracord can be used as a skipping rope, in a hike you can hang your luggage to protect it from animals. Besides, you can weave a durable volleyball net.

самодельная скакалка, подвесить вещи в походе

Original New Year decorations can be made of paracord. You can also make cuffs. And paracord core may be used in sewing clothes.

новогодние игрушки из паракорда, игрушки из паракорда, наручники из паракорда

You can use paracord even on your bicycle: to strengthen bags, to coil handlebars, to make a handle to carry the bike.

обмотка из паракорда

Paracord is ideally suited for fixation luggage in a car. You can also braid your weel and make some additional “safe handles”.

руль из паракорда

Folded paracord can be used for towing a car, make a net for fixing bags. Paracord can be also breaded around a wheel to increase grip with slippery roads.

буксировка из паракорда, тросс из паракорда

Paracord is the most durable clothesline. You can tie grape up with it, and use its core as a dental floss.

бельевая веревка из паракорда,зубная нить паракорда, паракорд для винограда

Paracord bracelet… Probably everybody knows what this thing is. Besides, it is an unorthodox keychain and knife lanyard.

брелок из паракорда, браслет из паракорда

Paracord is perfect for breading your knife, axe or other tools with it.

обмотка для рукоятки ножа из паракорда, обмотка топора из паракорда

Paracord can be used as a belt for sleigh, strong products made of leather can be tied up with paracord. Besides, you can make an original chair of it.

веревка для санок, нитка для шитья кожи, капроновая нить для кожи, стул из паракорда

You can also make a lanyard for keys, a case for a bottle or make an original ornament.

брелок из паракорда, чехол для бутылки из паракорда, украшение из паракорда

There is nothing more reliable than a colar, bread-band or leash for a favorite pet.

ошейник из паракорда, шлейка из паракорда

A paracord halter looks especially quaint. A reliable paracord toy for your pet will serve for a long time. You can also make a rosary.

уздечка из паракорда, игрушка для собаки из паракорда, четки из паракорда

You can weave a case for a phone, lighter or USB-devices. You can even weave a rucksack.

чехол из паракорда

A pedometer, handle winding, unique childish pendant it the pram. All this can be made out of paracord.

шагомер из паракорда, модуль в коляску из паракорда

Paracord can be used as a zipper for clothes, rucksacks and as little strings in a hood.

зиппер пул, веревка для змейки

Minicord is a perfect choice for changing a ripped string in a lawnmower starter, chainsaw, shatters.

веревка для газонокосилки, веревка для бензопилы, веревка для стартера

A belt for a machine gun, handle for a fire starter, begleri. All this can be also made out of paracord.

мастер класс для детей из паракорда

Paracord is used in making hunters whistle. Besides you can hold a very interesting master-class for children.

Paracord is not limited by only this ways of use. There is an endless amount of its application. All you need is some imagination and a problem needed to be tackled. Besides, you never know what cases some cord will come in handy in. And paracord is the quickest way for a solution.

Date of publication: 29.11.2017