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Microcord (2mm) fluorescent green #fl-025-2

fluorescent green #fl-025-2
fluorescent green #fl-025-2
fluorescent green #fl-025-2
fluorescent green #fl-025-2
Microcord (2mm) fluorescent green #fl-025-2
0.20 €/m
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0.19 €/m
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A fluorescent mini cord is added to the paracord series with reflective threads!

Diameter: 2 mm

Breaking load: 65 kg

Weight 1 g: 1.5 g

      Do you want to move comfortably at night and even survive without a flashlight?

      Easily orient yourself thanks to the fluorescent cord with light-accumulating filaments.       

      During the day it is charged from the sun, at night or at dusk it glows.

        Place it in the sun or incandescent bulbs for 5-15 minutes so that it can absorb light and glow in dark conditions.

        The longer the lighting time, the more obvious the effect and the longer the duration.

        - Glows brightly in the dark

        - Lightweight, only 1.5 g per meter

        - Breaking load - 65 kg

        - Ease of detection at night

        The fluorescent minicord can be used in everything from tourism to general household use. For example:





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