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Bracelet Loops survival, Black

Bracelet Loops survival
Bracelet Loops survival
Bracelet Loops survival
Bracelet Loops survival
Bracelet Loops survival
Bracelet Loops survival
Bracelet Loops survival, Black
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✔️ Emergency cord reserve: 4,1 m

✔️ 100% nylon

✔️ Multifunctional and useful tool

✔️ Firestarter

✔️ Compass

✔️ Whistle


     We know that many people consider the paracord bracelet a worthless item in the wild.

     But we believe that wearing an emergency survival tool with a functional rope on your wrist is much better than wearing it separately and exposing yourself to safety.

     Such bracelets that quickly unfold can be disbanded in a matter of seconds in case of emergencies.

     Thus, a person wearing a paracord bracelet on his wrist always has a several meter supply of cord at hand for all occasions.

     Material: nylon paracord 550 type III.

     There are 7 threads inside the cord, in turn, each of them is twisted from 3 threads.

     These threads can be used as fishing line or sewing threads. Braiding can be useful in laces or where a thinner cord is required.

     The cord itself can withstand a force of 250 kg per meter of length.

     By unweaving the bracelet you can get an additional 4,1 m of paracord that subsequently can be used in different situations. Learn about some of them by visiting the following link.


     The clap we use is multifunctional as well and is complemented by a whistle, flint, and compass.

     Using the whistle you can make an acoustic signal to ask for help or scare off wild animals.

     The compass will be helpful in orienteering while the whistle can be used to start a fire.


     Use cases every military, survivalist, and traveler should know about:

     ✔️ craft animal traps, a spear

     ✔️ get fire

     ✔️ arrange a temporary shelter, shed / hut

     ✔️ make a fishing rod

     ✔️ fix the limbs to the splint, apply a tourniquet, transport the wounded

     ✔️ install clothesline

     ✔️ let the load off the cliff and much more

     On a large scale, paracord can also be used as a collar or leash for dogs and cats.  

     And these are just some ways to use paracord!

     Bracelets come in 3 sizes:

     S: 17-18 cm; M: 19-20 cm; L: 21-22 cm   

     The size is based on your wrist measurement. Select the size that matches your measurements.  

     How to do this can be found here. 

     Measure twice, buy once!

     The limitless design and color combinations mean you can personalize it to your liking. And order any color and weaving.

     The type of weaving depends mainly on the speed of unweaving and the length of the cord.

     When you need to go camping, make sure you have some survival bracelets.

     Choose a bracelet and stop regretting that you havent stocked up on a strong rope again.


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